• 7/9/2018 Ranch Creek Partners and Hillstar Capital Make Equity Investment in OneCor Services, LLC
  • Ranch Creek Partners and Hillstar Capital Make Equity Investment in OneCor Services, LLC
  • Additional Capital Enables OneCor to Accelerate Growth and Expand into New Markets
  • NEWS PROVIDED BY Ranch Creek Partners, LLC Sep 06, 2017, 15:35 ET
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SEATTLE, Sept. 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Ranch Creek Partners, LLC, in partnership with Dallas-based Hillstar Capital,

today announced an equity investment in Williston, North Dakota-based OneCor Services, LLC, a provider of

environmental services (Jerry’s Services) and acid blending to the oil and gas industry in the Bakken Shale. Additionally,

True West Capital Partners provided both debt and equity capital for the investment in OneCor. The investments enable

OneCor to accelerate growth while continuing to provide the same outstanding customer service. OneCor will continue

to be led by long-serving CEO, Ricky Waitman, and General Manager, Tom Bachmeier.

“OneCor and Jerry’s Services are trusted names in the Bakken oil and gas industry,” said J.D. Kritser, founder and

managing partner of Ranch Creek and Chairman of the Board of OneCor. “This investment allows us to grow the

business to keep pace with our customers and ful ll management’s vision to expand geographically and augment our

portfolio of other services to our customers.”

OneCor Services is the largest provider of acid blending and logistics services in North Dakota, focusing on providing

exceptional customer service and reliable, high quality product on a 24/7 basis. Jerry’s Services, a subsidiary of OneCor

Services, helps its customers comply with state and federal environmental regulations as the largest provider of weed

control and environmental services in the region.

“The current executive team has provided outstanding leadership and will continue to offer a wealth of experience,

while our capital will enable OneCor to accelerate growth and expand into new markets,” said Adam Stern, partner of

Hillstar Capital.

“For over 40 years, we have strived to always put the customer rst and deliver world-class service quality at a fair price,”

said Waitman. “This expansion solidi es our commitment to producers and service companies here in the Bakken to

help them meet America’s growing energy needs.”

About Ranch Creek Partners

Based in Seattle, Ranch Creek Partners is private equity investment rm targeting control positions in middle market

companies. Ranch Creek takes a long-term approach to value creation and seeks superior nancial results by partnering

with founders, world class managers and industry leaders to grow portfolio companies over time, whether organically,

through acquisitions or a combination of both. www.ranchcreekllc.com.

7/9/2018 About Hillstar Capital

Ranch Creek Partners and Hillstar Capital Make Equity Investment in OneCor Services, LLC

Hillstar Capital is a Dallas-based investment rm focused on lower middle market companies and partnering with

owners and management teams to accelerate growth through both organic and acquisition opportunities. Hillstar

supports our companies with capital, strong nancial and operational expertise, and a growing network of resources.

Hillstar has made an aggregate investment value in excess of $1 billion with over 40 years of combined experience.


About True West Capital Partners

True West Capital Partners is a West Coast-based investment rm that provides exible and creative growth capital to

middle-market companies in the Western U.S. True West Capital Partners typically makes investments from $5 to $25

million in businesses with proven management teams, strong barriers to entry, sustainable competitive advantages, and

high free cash ows. www.truewestcp.com.

About OneCor Services, LLC

Operating for over 40 years, OneCor Services is the market leader in environmental services and acid blending in North

Dakota. Operating as Jerry’s Services, OneCor is the market leader in selective and bare ground weed control services, as

well as environmental remediation services in North Dakota. OneCor is also the premier provider of blended acid for the

completion, stimulation and workover of oil and gas wells in the Bakken Shale. www.jerrysservices.com.

SOURCE Ranch Creek Partners, LLC

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https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/ranch-creek-partners-and-hillstar-capital-make-equity-investment-in-onecor-services-llc-300515053.html 2/2