Same Acid Benefits

Without the Same Risks


Maximize safety and quality

Productivity should never come at the expense of public or personal safety, and safety shouldn’t mean compromising speed or quality. OneCor synthetic acid alternatives create best-of-both-worlds solutions that protect your people, equipment, and local serving areas while improving the flow of formation fluids.

Raise production. Lower risk.

OneCor blends synthetic acids to provide safe, effective, eco-friendly alternatives to HCl and other organic and inorganic acids. Less-corrosive acid alternatives let you keep your equipment in the ground longer to reduce fracturing pump times by 10-15 minutes per stage in average conditions.

synthetic: Chemically safe,
environmentally friendly

OneCor is the leader in synthetic acid blending with over four years of blending experience. Our three regional blending locations help reduce procurement hassles, costs and delivery times for customers.

Saved per stage

More stages per day


Vapor-free and dermally safe

Features & Benefits

Aggressive reaction rate for spearhead treatments

Wireline compatible – no degradation of wireline coating or jacket

Reduces frac spread pumping times 10-15 mins./ stage

Reduces water requirements 30-50 m3/stage, up to 13K gal/stage

Minimal reprecipitation of scale at high pH levels

Long-term casing and cable corrosion protection

The OneCor Difference

A single point of contact for your synthetic acid needs

Custom blending

Reliable 24/7 delivery

Onsite storage

Blend regionally – minimize rail transit risk

6+ years’ manufacturing experience