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Avoid midstream challenges

OneCor Services is positioned to support production and midstream challenges with H2S to make shut-in production a thing of the past. Working with OneCor prevents interruptions due to supply chain issues and ensures products get applied correctly the first time to avoid delaying delivery.

Our dedicated recovery specialists help you design and monitor H2S programs to achieve and maintain compliance with specs for the duration of the job.

Maintain a sense of urgency

Multiple sources avoid supply chain delays

24-hour product delivery

Railcar sourcing reduces freight costs

Highly trained services team provides field support

Why Triazine?

Used by producers worldwide in situations where control of H2S is vital, scavenger is applied to remove the undesired H2S gas to meet companies’ midstream specifications, avoid delays, and maximize the value of gases being sold.

The most commonly used liquid H2S scavenger, triazine has a heterocyclic structure similar to cyclohexane, but with three carbon atoms replaced by nitrogen atoms. Triazine gets sprayed directly into a gas or fluid stream to remove H2S when there is good annular-mist flow and sufficient time to react. Most suppliers recommend a minimum of 15 – 20 seconds of contact time with the product for best results.

Our dedicated recovery specialists are already there to help troubleshoot and ensure equipment works correctly and continuous pumping does not get interrupted.

H2S Solutions

MEA Triazine

MMA Triazine

Blended to Desired Activity

Non-Triazine Based Scavenger