Why Acid

The Role of Acid in Hydraulic Fracturing


The role of acid in hydraulic fracturing:

Maximum efficiency at every stage

Oil and gas operators have used acidizing to stimulate and maximize well productivity for more than 100 years. Hydrochloric acid (HCl) acidizing dissolves materials blocking or restricting the flow of oil and gas (carbonate-based materials in carbonate formations and sand, feldspar, and clay particles in sandstone formations) to create new pathways or clean existing channels. Treating pathways with custom HCl acid blends allows formation fluids to flow freely through pore spaces into the well.

Acid treatment plays a critical role in stimulating initial productivity in new wells and maximizing recovery and restoring productivity of aging wells in decline. OneCor brings decades of experience to help operators select and design effective acid treatment processes for complex jobs involving heterogeneous geologic formations. We blend, pump, and manage logistics for acid treatments ideally suited to the composition, permeability, and logistical challenges of each formation.

OneCor solutions enable acid washing to clean out scale and other debris that restricts tubular flow as well as matrix acidizing to dissolve material restricting flow in a productive formation.

End-to-end solutions for completion, production, and recovery

Pumping acid into a wellbore or geologic formation improves injectivity. In the recent shale boom regions, acid is used a preliminary step in hydraulic fracturing process to provide the cleanest possible formation face, enable easier fracture creation, and maximize the performance of proppants. Similarly, acid fracturing creates new fractures and dissolves acid-soluble material to help clear avenues for flow to the wellbore in carbonate formations.

An important preliminary step in hydraulic fracturing, matrix acidizing involves pumping HCl ahead of the fluid carrying the proppant to provide the cleanest possible formation face and easier fracture creation. Once the acid has been pumped and directed to optimize permeability, the well gets brought on production.

As materials restricting the flow of fluids dissolve, the acids used in fracturing get partially consumed and neutralized but require specialized handling to recover and remove. OneCor can assist at this stage with H2S scavenger solutions and the safe removal of spent acid, oil, gas, and water recovered from the formation.